5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Party

June 6, 2024

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On your wedding day, your wedding party will be by your side the whole time – from getting ready, during the ceremony, taking photos and partying the night away! Choosing who will be a part of your wedding party can be a daunting task. From work friends, to family, to college roommates, you might find yourself with a list of 30 potential names!

Check out our tips below for selecting your wedding party! And remember that at the end of the day, all that matters is you feel supported throughout your wedding planning process and know that the people you choose will be by your side on your big day.

Tip 1: Picking your Wedding Party Size

When determining the number of bridesmaids or groomsmen you’ll have, think about it in relation to the size of your wedding. If you’re opting for a smaller wedding and inviting 50 people, you may want to stick to four or less bridesmaids or groomsmen. For a larger wedding, you can grow your party accordingly.

Keep in mind that more wedding party members means more details and costs to coordinate. With a larger party, you’ll have more details to organize like hair and makeup timing. You will also need to provide bouquets and boutonnieres for every member of the bridal party. If you’re planning on giving your wedding party gifts, factor in the added costs of more members as well.

Tip 2: Consider your Expectations

Ask yourself – what role do you want your wedding party to play? Do you want them to be able to help out with wedding planning tasks, go shopping for attire, and attend all pre-wedding festivities like your engagement party? Then asking friends from out-of-town or that have very packed schedules may not be feasible for living up to your expectations.

If you’re just wanting the party to show up the day of the wedding ready to celebrate, then you can have a more relaxed approach to picking your bridesmaids or groomsmen.

Tip 3: Include your Siblings & Fiance’s Siblings

Even if you haven’t had a chance to bond with your future brother or sister-in-law, they’re most likely going to be around for most of your time as a married couple. If you have larger families and have some young siblings, you can consider including teenagers and older in your wedding party. For anyone younger, offer them other roles like ring bearer or flower girl, or have them help pass out programs or usher guests.

Tip 4: Don’t Feel Pressured to Ask Someone Because They Asked You

If you’re just asking someone to be in your wedding party because you were in theirs, chances are you’re not asking for the right reasons. You want to ensure you are asking people that will be there for many years to come and have supported you up until this point.

If you want to include an individual in your wedding but not as a bridesmaid or groomsman, brainstorm other roles they could take on. They could serve as an usher, officiant, musician, have a reading, or help out with set-up.

Tip 5: Take your Time

There’s no rush to pick out your wedding party, especially if you’ve recently gotten engaged or are in the beginning stages of planning. Really think over your decision before making it final and popping the question. Can you see yourself being close with everyone in your party years from now? Can you envision everyone getting along well throughout the festivities? Take your time – once you feel confident in your list, it’s time to brainstorm how you’ll ask them!

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