Venue Tour Directions

  • The venue address is 801 Darby Creek Drive, Galloway OH
  • The 801 address will bring you to the stone gate house and front gates located approximately 1 mile south of Broad Street.
  • Since Darby House is located on Darby Dan Farm, a private estate, the gate will likely be closed. 
  • There is a call box to the left when you pull up to the gate, you will dial 001 then hit the call button. That will then dial to the Darby House office and an associate will answer and open the gate for you.
  • Once through the front gates, drive straight back down the driveway about ¾ of a mile, you’ll come down a hill, and then you’ll see the Darby House on the right.
  • Feel free to follow the “Main Entrance” sign and pull right up to the front doors and park in the loop.
  • Please, come in and we will meet you in the front foyer area!